Property Law


City Legal Solicitors act and advise both lessees and lessors in many industries across Sydney with leases and sub-leases, focussing on achieving the best possible outcome.

We take the time to fully explain your lease so that you have a concise understanding on how certain terms may affect you or your company in the future. Understanding your lease provisions and their implications will minimize any uncertainty.

A lease gives a Company or business owner an exclusive right to occupy a premises and conduct operations from that premises. The most common types of leases are for:

  • office space;
  • retail outlet; and
  • warehouse including factory

Our lawyers can assist you with:

  • Preparation of leases;
  • Disclosure compliance;
  • Enforcement of landlords rights;
  • Compliance with relevant legislation;
  • Review & advice on lease terms;
  • Certificates of independent legal advice;
  • Lease term negotiations;
  • Advice on the effect of landlord representations;
  • Advice on stamp duty, registration and insurance obligations;
  • Advice on sublease and assignment rights;
  • Execution and exchange of lease documentation;
  • Advice on lease re-negotiation and market rent reviews;
  • Advice on option periods;
  • Exercising options to renew;
  • Advice on the effect of bank guarantees and Bonds;
  • Advice on ongoing landlord and tenant obligations;
  • Surrender of leases; and
  • Lease disputes

If you require friendly professional assistance regarding leasing, please contact us at City Legal Solicitors.