Discretionary trusts & structuring wills

Posted on June 10, 2016 | Posted in:

Hall & Hall [2016] HCA 23 The High Court dismissed an appeal from the Full Court of Family Court today that may have some impact on the way succession lawyers and estate planners advise clients on discretionary trust matters and structuring their wills. The High Court held, by majority, that…

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“Guilty” or “Not Guilty” – Entering a Plea in NSW

Posted on April 5, 2016 | Posted in:

It is a fundamental right for an accused to plead “not guilty” and compel the prosecution to prove ones guilt, beyond reasonable doubt. This is the highest onus in Australia. It is a right to deny guilt no matter how strong the prosecution case may be, and this is fundamental…

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Properties with Swimming Pools – New Law from 29 April 2016

Posted on April 1, 2016 | Posted in:

Homeowners with a Swimming Pool From Friday 29 April 2016, properties sold with a swimming pool and/or a spa pool must have a Certificate of Registration as well as one of the following:- a relevant Occupation Certificate; a Certificate of Compliance; or a Certificate of Non-Compliance issued from the NSW…

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NSWCCA – 50 years on

Posted on March 16, 2016 | Posted in:

NSWCCA – Court of Criminal Appeal The NSW Court of Criminal Appeal (NSWCCA) is the highest criminal court in the state. It is presided over by a panel of three Supreme Court Justices (or five in some cases), and hears appeals from the District and Supreme Courts of NSW. Defendants…

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