Gunshot wound, drugs, assaults, S32 – Criminal Law

Posted on February 15, 2016 | Posted in:

I have used Andrew Dikha at City Legal solicitors for many matters . I also refer many people to him.

He helped my cousin who was shot in the leg and charged with hinder investigation when he didn’t know who shot him. The police took his statement at hospital when he was messed up on morphine and then accused him of hindering them with false information. Andrew sent subpoenas to doctors to attend and defended the matter heavily. The police dropped the charge eventually.

He also has assisted my brother who was charged with over 15 charges ranging from resist, hinder & assault police, bail, assaults, possession, supply, AVO & AVO breaches. During the proceedings my brother was seriously injured by a car accident which affected the case and his brain. I worked closely with Andrew to help my brother and after many, many appearances between himself and Paul Bodisco (Barrister), they secured an outcome pursuant to s32 – mental health provisions for every matter.

Andrew Took the time to speak to my father, myself and sister, he spoke to friends, obtained notes from hospitals and treating doctors and engaged psychiatrists to assess and provide reports to assist the case .

The outcome was excellent and this allowed my brother to rehabilitate and keep a business going which otherwise would have closed.

I recommend him and will refer anyone to him because I know they will be looked after. He is worth every dollar and more.

Mohamed H – Riverwood