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Posted on January 21, 2016 | Posted in:

I have been asked to write a testimonial for Mr. Andrew Dikha and his firm City Legal, it is with pleasure that I do so.

I have engaged Andrew Dikha in a commercial litigation matter in Queensland where he diligently negotiated a settlement that was suitable and assisted me financially at the time. His skills in commercial law are great. I attribute this to the nature and the peoples person that Andrew is.

Subsequent to this my wife and I, found ourselves in a very awkward position having to find a solicitor for our son who had fallen on the wrong side of the law with some very serious charges. He was in a dire situation and facing a number of years in prison. We engaged the services of Andrew, and from the outset Andrew made us feel at ease through the urgency and efficiency that he displayed. As a firm and a team they worked vigoursly, and tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome for our son.

I found city legal to be a very professional and ethical organization and their staff extremely helpful.

On a personal level I found Andrew to be a very honest man with a high degree of integrity and empathy towards our situation. One thing that is etched in my mind us that Andrew showed us best possible scenario and prepared us for the worst case scenario so that we were in no doubt from the outset what lay ahead. I am more than pleased with the outcome that Andrew achieved and would have absolutely no reservations in recommending him to anyone who needs an honest and very savy solicitor. Thank you so much for helping our family.

Michael C – Georges Hall